What are my work experience requirements?

What are my work experience requirements?

What is Articling?

Articling is defined as gaining relevant work experience under the guidance of a sponsor (registered member). Work experience gained during your enrolment period helps you be better prepared for registration and the rights and obligations of a practising professional. 

Articling Requirements

Enrolled members are required to complete 24 months of post-enrolment work experience within the articling enrolment period. As job markets fluctuate and employment opportunities vary, it may not be possible to complete the requirements within 24 months. Enrolled members are given the following timeframes to complete all of their registration requirements.

Articling/Enrolment Period
4 years (48 months)
6 years (72 months)*


*ASFITs are given 2 additional years in case more time is needed to complete outstanding core competency requirements.

An extension to the articling period may be granted, if necessary. Compete details on articling requirements are contained in the Articling Procedures document.

Work Experience Requirements

You work experience: 
  1. Should cover as many of the areas of practice defined in the Professional Governance Act as possible. Your sponsor is expected to assist you in this regard and the Articling Procedures also provides resources that can help.
  2. Must be gained after you apply for membership. Qualifying work experience begins to be credited from the date we receive a completed application. Pre-enrolment work experience does not count towards this requirement unless noted in section 2 of the Articling Procedures. This rule is firm.
  3. Must be directly related to professional practice. We will not normally consider work such as wood processing, agriculture, landscape gardening, horticulture, marketing, etc.
  4. May include volunteer work, work done outside British Columbia, or a master's or doctorate degree.

Articling in the Roadmap to Registration

In the learning management system (LMS), there are 4 articling (work experience) checkpoints set at the 6th, 12th, 18th, and 24th months as noted on the Roadmap to Registration. You will be required to demonstrate that you have satisfied the minimum articling requirements by submitting your work history form to proceed to the next six experience areas modules. In the majority of cases, you will only be marked as complete for the checkpoint you have submitted a work history form for.  You will not lose months in this process, but will have to wait until the prerequisite modules are completed to record completion of the 6, 12, 18, or 24 month checkpoints. 

Work History Form Requirements

Your work history form is a certification of your progress through the 24 month articling requirement. It will be evaluated based on the quality of work recorded, the exposure to practice areas, the amount of time spent working, and accurate completion of the form's required elements. 

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