How do I find my roadmap?

How do I find my roadmap?

Accessing Your Roadmap from the Dashboard

  1. Click Dashboard at the top of the LMS page. 

  1. The Dashboard displays, and the Roadmap block appears in the center of the page. 

Accessing Your Roadmap from Other LMS Pages

On the left-hand side of every page in the system is a block entitled, Roadmap. This block contains the roadmap(s) in which you are enrolled, as well as all activities you have started and/or completed in the roadmap.  

Viewing Your Full Roadmap from the ROADMAP Block

  1. From the ROADMAP block, you have two options for viewing your full roadmap. 
  1. Option 1: Click on the carat to the left of the name of your roadmap. 

This will expand the roadmap details, showing the last, incomplete module.

  1. Option 2: Click on the name of the roadmap in the Roadmap block (Trainee Forest Technologist in the example below). 

Your Roadmap will display, showing your progress through each of the modules in the roadmap.  

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