Changing Sponsors

Changing Sponsors

There are a variety of reasons why you may need to change your sponsor at some point during your articling period, such as: relocation, incompatibility, employment change, your sponsor can no longer maintain the commitment, or your sponsor ceases to be a member in good standing, etc. 

If you need to change your sponsor, you must:
  1. Read the applicable section in the Articling Procedures for full details on requirements when changing sponsors or enrolled members.
  2. Discuss any changes with your old sponsor.
  3. Have your outgoing and new sponsors discuss your professional development and experience to date.
    1. Ensure that your old/outgoing sponsor has signed-off on any work history, professional development plan (re competency gap-filling) that were completed during their term.
    2. Your new sponsor will be signing off your work experience for your work history submissions moving forward.
  4. E-mail the completed Change of Sponsor form, which will be signed by you, your new sponsor, and your old sponsor to
**Remember, you must have a sponsor at all times during your articling period.

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