Viewing Exam Results

Viewing Exam Results

Viewing Exam Results Immediately After Submitting the Exam

After you have completed an exam, the exam results will automatically display. To protect the validity of all exam items, you will only be able to see the following:
  1. Your marks, showing the total questions correct out of the total number of questions in the exam
  2. General feedback about the exam, specifically stating whether you have passed the exam or not.

Viewing Exam Results at a Later Date

Viewing from the Exam Page

Any any time, you can re-access an exam module from your roadmap to see your results. 
  1. Open your roadmap.
  2. Click the Launch module button next to the exam module for which you wish to review your results.

  1. Click on the exam link. 

A summary of all your attempts will display.

Viewing from the Gradebook

You also have the option of reviewing your exam results in the grade book. In addition to your marks, the gradebook will also show your percentage score (total questions correct divided by the total number of questions in the exam). To access the gradebook:
  1. Open the exam module.
  2. Click Grades in the Course block on the left-hand side of the page.

The gradebook displays, showing your marks, percentage score and overall feedback. 

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