Learning Modules

Learning Modules

Learning Modules Overview

Learning modules provide information and learning materials, and may contain embedded quizzes designed for knowledge retention. 

Important Tips

Important tips re learning modules:
  1. Learning module completion is based on the number of slides read, not on the score of quizzes within the module.
  2. Work through the slides at your own pace; you may take as many sessions as you need to complete a learning module.
  3. Use the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons in the module or the Menu on the right to navigate through the slides. 
  4. The introductory slides of each module have navigation tips. 
  5. If you need to pause a module and return later, simply close the window of the open module. 
  6. The number of attempts you take to complete a learning module is not monitored by the FPBC. 
  7. If a learning module does not show as 100% completed in your roadmap but you feel you have already completed it, you may have unread slides in one of the module sections. Review the module for unread slides. When all the slides have been read, the module will be marked as completed. 

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