How to Submit your Work History Form

How to Submit your Work History Form

You will be required to upload your work history on the official ABCFP Work History Form at various points throughout your roadmap. Until you do so, and until it has been reviewed and marked as completed by the ABCFP, you will not be able to advance to the next module.

Work History Form Requirements

As the main certification of your progress through the 24-month articling requirement, it is important to have your work history form accurately completed for each checkpoint. Failure to include the required elements and meet formatting requirements will not be accepted and extend the timeline for completion. 

Try to include as much detail as possible when describing the specific duties performed. Your work experience should cover as many of the areas of practice defined in the Professional Governance Act, and Articling Procedures. 

The sponsor and trainee certification is an agreement at the end of the form that the information included has been reviewed and is certified to be true to the best of the signee's knowledge. For the certification we accept either physically written and scanned signatures, or electronically (using a saved signature or drawing your signature with a stylus or your mouse). We cannot verify typed signatures or those generated with a written looking font.

View this article on HowToGeek "How to Electronically Sign PDF Documents without Printing and Scanning" for more information

How to Upload your Work History Form

To upload your work history form:
  1. Log in to the LMS.
  2. Open your roadmap.
  3. Click on the articling requirement module to which you need to upload your work history (e.g. Articling Requirements: Upload Your Work History (6 months)). 

  1. In the module, click on the Work History Form link in the Upload Work History section of the module. The Work History Form page will display. 

  1. Click the Add submission button. 
  2. Drag and drop your Work History Form from your computer to the File submissions field, or click the Upload file icon (top left) to manually upload the file. 

  1. Once the file appears in the File Upload field, click the Save changes button.

  1. Your work history is now submitted and ready for the ABCFP to review.
    1. The ABCFP will be notified of your submission and review it. Once they have either marked it as complete and/or provided you with feedback on the submission, you will be notified by email.
    2. You can also check back periodically to check the status of this module by opening it and clicking again on the Work History Form link. 

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