Important Roadmap Information

Important Roadmap Information

Review the following important information regarding working with your roadmap:
  1. All of the modules you must complete to become registered are listed on your roadmap.
Note: Core competency and articling requirements are to be completed outside of the LMS. However, FPBC will mark when the modules are complete, allowing you to then advance to the next module in your roadmap. 
  1. All items must be successfully completed in successive order laid out in the Roadmap to Registration during the articling timeframe (this information can be found under the Articling Requirements section).
  2. Modules will remain locked until the previous module, exam or checkpoint has been completed. 
    1. In progress and completed modules can be accessed by clicking the Launch module button in your roadmap.
    2. Future modules will be indicated as 'Not available.'
  3. You need to return to your roadmap after each completed module to launch your next module. For more information on returning to your roadmap: How do I find my roadmap? and How do I advance to my next module?
  4. The progress bar at the top of your Roadmap shows your overall progress towards receiving your designation, while the progress bar next to each module shows your progress in it.
  5. Your sponsor can see your roadmap. 

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