Preparing for an Exam

Preparing for an Exam

Before taking an exam, do the following:
  1. Review the content on the exam page on the Learning Management System (LMS)
  2. Review the Exam Study Guides and other study resources available from the LMS.
  3. Review the Starting an Exam instructions.
  4. Read the Exam Rules: LMS Online Exams document. Print a copy to follow during the exam. 
  5. Arrange to have a sponsor or member-designate invigilate the exam. The Exam Rules list the requirements for invigilators/invigilation.
  6. Using a Member-Designate: If you have arranged for a member-designate to invigilate your exam, your sponsor or the FPBC must provide the confidential PIN to the member-designate before you schedule the exam. See details in the Exam Rules: LMS Online Exams.
  7. Your invigilator must be ready with the PIN before you launch the exam.

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