Reviewing a Document Uploaded By Your Enrolled Member

Reviewing a Document Uploaded By Your Enrolled Member

Enrolled members are required to upload documents for sponsor or ABCFP review as part of certain modules in their roadmap. Specifically, you will need to review documents uploaded as part of the following application modules that may be part of your enrolled member's roadmap:
  1. 2c Professional Reliance: Application
  2. 4e Forest Legislation and Policy: Application
  3. 6b Communicating Professional Advice: Application 
You will receive a notification that an enrolled member has uploaded a document for your review. Once you havve received the notification, follow the steps below to review and validate the submission. 
  1. Log in to the LMS.
  2. Access your Team page.
  3. Click on the Roadmap link below the enrolled member whose document you wish to review.
  4. Click on the module in the enrolled member's roadmap containing the document you wish to review (e.g. 2c Professional Reliance: Application). 
  5. Click on the upload link in the module.

  1. The Submissions page displays, showing the total number of submissions awaiting your review.

  1. Click on the View all submissions button. A detailed list showing enrolled member who submitted a file, the timestamp they submitted it, a link to the file, their grade and feedback will show. Alternatively, you can click on the Grade button, which will take you directly to the Grading page.

  1. Click on the Grade button. The Grading page displays.

  1. Mark the grade as follows:
    1. If the file meets all module requirements, select Complete from the Grade drop-down.
    2. If the uploaded document needs more work, work with your enrolled member until the document does meet expectations. Mark the initial upload as Incomplete, and ask the enrolled member to resubmit when ready. The enrolled member can re-submit the revised document(s) at any time. There are no limits to the number of attempts for application modules.
    3. Enter feedback into the Feedback comments field. 
    4. Keep the Notify learners checkbox selected so that the learner is notified that their file has been reviewed.
    5. Click the Save changes button.

  1. If you have more than one enrolled member's documents to review, you can use the arrows at the top right of the page to move to the next enrolled member's submission. If not, at the top left fo the page, click on the module name to return to it.

  1. The main module page will display.
    1. Clicking again on the upload link will now update the number of documents requiring review.

  1. Similarly, clicking the View all submissions button will now show the marks that you entered.

  1. For all modules you marked as complete, it is also recommended that you lock the submissions for that user so that they don't upload any new files to the module. To do so:
    1. Click the checkbox next to the left of the enrolled member marked as complete.
    2. Select Lock submissions from the With selected... drop-down.
    3. Click the Go button.
The enrolled member will no longer be able to upload files to the module.
Your enrolled member will receive an email notification regarding your review and be able to see his or her marks the next time he or she signs-in, by clicking on the module in his/her Roadmap. 

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