Reviewing a Revised File Submission by an Enrolled Member

Reviewing a Revised File Submission by an Enrolled Member

In instances where you marked an enrolled member's submission as incomplete, requiring him/her to upload a new file for your review when ready, you will need to re-review, mark and provide feedback on a new submission by the enrolled member. Follow the same process for reviewing the initial document uploaded by the enrolled member (see Reviewing a Document Uploaded By Your Enrolled Member).

When doing so:
  1. Override or append your new feedback to the previous feedback provided in the Feedback comments field.
  2. Change the grade from Incomplete to Complete, if appropriate.

  1. If you marked the submission as Complete, it is recommend that you lock the enrolled member's submission so that s/he does not upload any additional files to this module. To do so:
    1. Click on the upload link again.
    2. Click View all submissions.
    3. Click the checkbox next to the left of the enrolled member marked as complete.
    4. Select Lock submissions from the With selected... drop-down.
    5. Click the Go button.

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