Sponsor Responsibilities with Application Modules

Sponsor Responsibilities with Application Modules

Sponsors will be required to review and validate document submissions for application modules. To assist you, each of the application modules include instructions that outline the application modules requirements for both enrolled members and sponsors. Review the instructions in these modules before marking the related document submissions for the following:
  1. 2c Professional Reliance: Application
  2. 4e Forest Legislation and Policy: Application
  3. 6b Communicating Professional Advice: Application.
To access the instructions for these modules:
  1. Log in to the LMS.
  2. Access your enrolled member's roadmap (click here for instructions).
  3. Click on the application module whose instructions you wish to review (click here for instructions).
  4. Review each of the instruction links in the 'Resources and Instructions' section of the module (see example below).

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