Submitting an Exam

Submitting an Exam

Once you have answered all questions in an exam, you are ready to submit your exam. Please also note that the exam will be submitted automatically for you if the time limit on the exam is expired.
  1. Once you reach the last page of the exam, a Finish Attempt button will appear on the bottom right of the page. Click the button when you are ready to submit your answers to the exam. 

  1. The Summary of attempt page will display. From this page, you can:
    1. Return to the attempt, if you want to revisit a question(s) in the exam. To do so, either:
      1. Click on the question number, which will take you directly to that question, or
      2. Click the Return to attempt button.
    2. Submit the exam by clicking the Submit all and finish button.

  1. After clicking Submit all and finish, a Confirmation message will display, confirming the remaining amount of time you have to work on the exam and whether you are absolutely ready to submit the exam. Click again on Submit all and finish

The Summary of you previous attempts page will now display, with your exam grade and information regarding whether you passed or did not pass.

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