Submitting Your Work for Sponsor Review

Submitting Your Work for Sponsor Review

To upload your completed document and submit it to your sponsor for review:
  1. In the application module, click on the upload link in the Submission section of the page (see example below). 

  1. The Submissions page will display.

  1. Click the Add submission button. 
  2. Drag and drop your document from your computer to the File submissions field, or click the Upload file icon (top left) to manually upload the file. 

  1. Once the file appears in the File Upload field, click the Save changes button.
  2. Your document is now submitted and ready for your sponsor to review. 
    1. Your sponsor will be notified of your submission and review it. Once s/he has either marked it as complete and/or provided you with feedback on the submission, you will be notified by email. 
    2. You can also check back periodically to check the status of this module by opening it and clicking again on the same link. 

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