Supported Browsers

Supported Browsers

It is always recommended that you run the latest supported version of software as this will offer the best performance alongside security and stability.

Desktop Browsers

The FPBC LMS  is written in-line with industry web standards and should work correctly in any browser that supports these standards.
  1. Chrome: The latest stable release.
  2. Firefox: The latest stable release.
  3. Microsoft edge: The latest stable release.
  4. Safari: The latest stable release.

Mobile Browsers 

Mobile devices bring a set of challenges and unique constraints with them including the likes of:
  1. Addition of touch and gesture controls.
  2. Absence of traditional controls such as hover and focus.
  3. Reduced screen size.
  4. Limited connectivity.
The FPBC LMS includes several mobile specific features, and we try to ensure that the product is usable both on traditional computers and on mobile devices. Areas such as navigation, expandable/collapsible sections, and actions should all work with both traditional and mobile controls. You must use a supported browser when accessing the LMS. Supported browsers are listed below. 
  1. Safari: The latest stable release
  2. Android browser: The latest stable release
  3. Chrome for Android: The latest stable release

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